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Static tonearm SAEC WE-506/30 including ULS-3X ceramic headshell

The studio use tonearm designed to deliver the highest quality performance at all times. Comes with ceramic ULS-3X headshell and copy of manual and template.

The arm pipe itself is constructed of a special light alloy, a byproduct of French aeronautical technology. The patented Double Knife Edge design along with such refinements as our high-purity, high-density headshell and a unique mechanism for gradually increasing tracking force toward the center of a record, make possible unprecedented tracking ability at very low stylus pressure, remarkably improved clarity of reproduction, lower distortion in the high range, greater dynamic range, reduced scratch and hysteresis noise and the virtual elimination of needle-talk. Moreover, at the first resonant frequency, crosstalk is improved by approximately 20dB, depending on the efficiency of the cartridge in use. 

Effective length 295,0mm
Overhang 9,0mm
Offset angle 16
Effective mass -
Cartridge weight range 23,5g – 33,5g
Height range 48,0mm – 72,0mm
Mounting hole 42,0mm
Made in Japan.
Serial number: 
All our components are subjected to careful technical control and fulfil entire mechanical and electronic characteristics given by regulations.
The set includes items seen in the picture.
Condition: 8.5 / 10