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TOHO TH-80 heavy armbase with P-30 plate

Ultra Rare Universal ToneArm Base TOHO TH-80 with universal 30mm mounting hole, suitable for all arms (including heavy bases or arm stabilizers, like Fidelity Research, SAEC etc.)

It is impossible for conventional player system, a tone arm and player board are united, to prevent sympathetic vibration caused by rotation of the turntable and motor driving. Using out TOHO base model TH-80, the tone arm itself is completely separated from the vibration source. It is an arm base which is made of cast iron cut-processed and heavy enough. It adopts a function to adjust the height within the range from 0 to 35mm and provide a built-in level for balance adjustment. Various arms can be mounted by changing arm mounting plate.

Range of height adjustment: 100 to 135mm
Diameter of nut escape hole: 70mm
Weight: 7.6kg (excluding mounting plate)
Material: cast-iron
Mounting plates: P-23, P-30, P-41 (23, 30 and 41mm diameter arm holes)

Located in the Czech Republic, no special fees for EU customers.