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SAEC TC-100 Time Constant Equalizer

Comes with SAEC CX-8003S phono cable. This equalizer ultimately eliminates the cause of phase lifting occurring between cartridge and amplifier. It is compatible for almost of all MM and MI type cartridges.

Electrostatic type cartridges represented by MM type are a kind of alternator, electric current is generated due to cantilever vibration. However, at the same time and because of this generated current load current - damping force affecting the cantilever occurs. The change in frequency accompanying cantilever damping force flattens out frequency and phase characteristics, the audio image becomes ambiguous and the sound clouded. Time constant equalizer TC-100 was developed to ultimately eliminate this damping force root and branch. The cartridge output voltage is made more true to RIAA curve, the current is made irrespective of RIAA curve constant and also phase characteristics are corrected.

TC-100 is mounted and used between player output and EQ amplifier input.

It can be used with most of the MM and MI type cartridges available on the market.

Made in Japan.

All our components are subjected to careful technical control and fulfil entire mechanical and electronic characteristics given by regulations.
The set includes items seen in the picture.

Condition: 9.5 / 10