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Rebuilt and completely cleaned arm has a new pure silver 99,99% Van den Hul MCS-150M wiring including Cardas male 5 pin DIN plug. All parts are checked for acceptable tolerances.The unacceptable parts are discarded and replaced with original SAEC parts.

Comes with a special connection tube CT-01 - instead of the standard headshell connector. Connection tube sets reversibly in the arm tube with fixing two original screws without making changes to the main construction arm. 

With this connection tube, it is possible to establish almost any collapsible headshell, such as a TECHNIHARD series by Audio-Technica and remove some of the contact groups on a low-current signal from the cartridge.
To change the cartridge you just loosen the lock screw on the headshell and remove the signal wires directly without removing the housing cartridge. Thus, there remains a certain convenience when changing the cartridge and sold the benefits of cutting the signal path.
In a set with connection tube CT-01 you get a light, easy to adjust magnesium alloy headshell with adjusting key. When installing heavy cartridges you can use a heavy counterweight (optional).
Including mechanical equalizer AS-500E and updated manual. More information about SAEC WE-308SX silver wired version here.
Effective length 240,0mm
Overhang 5,0mm
Offset angle 21,41
Effective mass -
Cartridge weight range 4,0g – 15,0g
Height range 40,0mm – 56,0mm
Mounting hole 27,0mm
Made in Japan.
Serial number: 28354
All our components are subjected to careful technical control and fulfil entire mechanical and electronic characteristics given by regulations.
The set includes items seen in the picture.
Condition: refurbished