Our Vision



Since the first industrial revolution, our modern economic model has brought many benefits

to humankind, but the time has come for a new direction. Scientific and technological advances in

the electronics industry have led to a truly unique development in the audio industry. On the other hand,

the volume of electronic products caused by this growth has led to ecosystem pressures,

which means our long-time approach of discarding materials as “waste” is increasingly unsustainable.



Another reason for this approach is that electronics have become the most common garbage

and sometimes they produce the most toxic waste. Initially focusing on working with vintage equipment,

we came to the conclusion that the reasonable and adequate use of restored vintage equipment does not

in any way lead to a decrease in the overall quality of the systems constructed.



Understanding this situation, we found ourselves among the ranks of people taking responsibility

and looking carefully into the future. We believe that even such a small company as fonolab is

able to contribute to the future.



We see the potential for contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals in the following areas

for every solution a customer chooses:


● To promote and popularize the rational use of refurbished audio technics when building modern systems

● More than half of our products are made with refurbished parts or recycled material

● Maximize cooperation with companies using recycled materials such as recycled plastic and aluminum 

along with renewable energy sources



It that challenge us to take back and upgrade much as produced, and to significantly scale  our adoption

of refurbished parts and renewable materials. These two actions, along with ensuring what we do produce is

recyclable, form the backbone of the circular economy. At fonolab, we want to rethink the concept

of vintage — redesigning, reusing and recycling our way to a safer, healthier and better future without sacrificing quality.



For our clients and partners, the conscious use of refurbished equipment or its elements in building the system

will allow us not only to see the hidden potential of your system, to see new opportunities in finding our sound,

but also to support society in building a responsible future.


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