FLT Series

fonolab TAMURA FLT Series Moving Coil Step-Up Transformers


We at fonolab have been representing Tamura MC Step-Up transformers for a long time. After we worked with the top model SUT-83S, its simplified versions based on TKS models, and presented our original EQ LOAD correction module, we have decided to take a new look at Tamura transformers.

Product Outline and Concept


For work we have chosen the FLT series, that have an extended frequency range with the possibility of connecting cartridges with an impedance of 3 and 40 Ohms.


We offer various options for FLT transformer: from a simple model with a shortest signal path to the model with the presence of the EQ LOAD correction module.


We will be also happy to make designs with your special wishes.

FLT v2 series features


MC step-up transformer which has both ultra-wide band and ultra-small distortion


Super permalloy core transformers (specially manufactured by Tamura Corp.) is used for each channel


The custom-made aluminum/copper case equipped with highly efficient internal damping materials


Stainless-steel non-magnetic screws to minimize the influence of the magnetic distortion; thereby the clear sound has been realized


LC-OFC is used for the wiring material

The transformer is equipped with a demagnetization function.


The Demagnetizer switches demagnetizes the cartridge and the step-up transformer.


Please push both buttons simultaneously and hold them for ten seconds while listening to music from the record. As long as you press the buttons, the music stops. A cartridge and a transformer are demagnetized by the interchange signal of the LP.


A sound is slightly cleared by demagnetizing it. Please use demagnetization every several months. Because this demagnetization method does not add electricity, the cartridge is safe.



Input impedance: 0-3 / 40 Ohms

Output impedance: 4k Ohms

Frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz (+-1.0dB)

Channel separation: more than 60dB (20Hz-50kHz)

Ratio: 1:36 / 1:10

Phase characteristics: Within 10° (20Hz-50kHz)

Weight: 0.8kg



Suitable for almost all MC cartridges (Koetsu, Van den Hul, Ortofon, Lyra etc.) with LP playing of fine quality.


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