QVATTVOR 2° Step-Up Transformer with the ability to customize connection options and settings


Featuring advanced switching capabilities while maintaining a fully balanced circuitry. Ability to connect two independent sources with load selection from the front panel. Additional features include a Mono / Stereo switch, Subsonic filter, and more.

The transformer is equipped with a demagnetization function.


The Demagnetizer buttons demagnetizes the cartridge and the step-up transformer.


Please push both buttons simultaneously and hold them for ten seconds while listening to music from the record. As long as you press the buttons, the music stops. A cartridge and a transformer are demagnetized by the interchange signal of the LP.


A sound is slightly cleared by demagnetizing it. Please use demagnetization every several months. Because this demagnetization method does not add electricity, the cartridge is safe.



Input impedance: 0-3 / 40 Ohms

Output impedance: 4k Ohms

Frequency response: 10Hz to 100kHz (+-1.0dB)

Channel separation: more than 60dB (20Hz–50kHz)

Ratio: 1:36 / 1:10

Phase characteristics: Within 10° (20Hz–50kHz)


Available in a Silver Aluminum, Black Glossy, Milk White or Raw aluminum finish front panel.


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